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DONNA Video Launch

Celebrating continued growth and success in the world of sports and unprecedented events, a video was developed to share with runners, walkers, volunteers and sponsors alike the experience of the DONNA - unlike any other run you may experience. See for yourself... read more

DONNA Website Launch

After seven years of growth and upwards of $3.5 million raised, 26.2 with DONNA The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer requested a new and improved website to better traffic visitors and enhance exposure for the organization. TKG designed and launched the following website in September 2013. Check it out... read more

Spark a Smile – Beaches Celebrate July 4th

Dear Beaches Friend, This year marks the return of city fireworks to the Beaches area and an opportunity to once-again celebrate a long-standing July 4th tradition shared by communities throughout the country. Especially unique this year is the support of local business to see that this event is a success. With a positive, unifying message July 4th can be everything we expect as a resident of the Beaches. The Kurtis Group is proposing “Spark a Smile — Beaches Celebrate July 4, 2013.” This is a grass-roots style campaign that engages business, community leaders, media partners and residents through print, social media and specialty advertising. We believe a positive message can go a long way in establishing the right tone and attitude for the... read more