Dear Beaches Friend,

This year marks the return of city fireworks to the Beaches area and an opportunity to once-again celebrate a long-standing July 4th tradition shared by communities throughout the country. Especially unique this year is the support of local business to see that this event is a success. With a positive, unifying message July 4th can be everything we expect as a resident of the Beaches. The Kurtis Group is proposing “Spark a Smile — Beaches Celebrate July 4, 2013.” This is a grass-roots style campaign that engages business, community leaders, media partners and residents through print, social media and specialty advertising.

We believe a positive message can go a long way in establishing the right tone and attitude for the July 4th holiday weekend. The three beach municipalities share in the establishment of a family-oriented, fun and safe Independence Day celebration. We know a campaign won’t solve all potential issues but it will go a long way to bring us together. Pride in our Beach — Pride in our country! Please join us. There are several ways to get involved and all proceeds go to CoJB.





Kurtis W. Loftus,

President/Creative Director

The Kurtis Group